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Control de acceso

¿What is wiegand?

Wiegand, 120 kHZ, UHF, EPC, microwave, MIFARE, RS232, RS485, clock and data, AES, facility codes, client codes: The world of access control  is filled with acronyms , concepts and words that people outside our industry often find difficult to understand and that can seem very confusing.

This article will hopefully help you clarify the word Weigand, as the term is applied to various features related to readers and access control cards. Often the word is used carelessly and can lead to confusion.

distanciamiento social

COVID-19: We can help with social distancing

Our keyless access control means you grant access virtually without physical contact between people.

This article aims to explain how our bluetooth access control solution allows your collaborators to have less physical contacts with other people.


Questioning Smart Lock Security

Some experts highlight the problems that can occur when basic security measures in the domains of physical, transport, embedded, and cloud security are not addressed.

When looking for a keyless access control solution, we encourage you to identify the following concerns and ask yourself the right questions.

The case against Remote Unlock

We often get asked to include this feature but we have purposefully built Teleporte so that a person is required in the physical presence of the device. We wanted to render unlocking something remotely from a command center impossible.

And it is important for you to understand why.

Bluetooth Impersonation Attack (BIAS) does NOT affect our products

Another vulnerability of the Bluetooth security stack has been revealed this week: Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS (BIAS).

Access to your locks purchased with JONYCO remains secure and unaffected by BIAS.